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The story of Giovanni, the Sicilian with a big dream

Martha et Marcus is the realisation of the dream of a young Sicilian with a passion for pasta. Having grown up surrounded by pasta and pizzas during the day, Giovanni dreamt of our capital at night. Of all those Parisians walking along the cobbled roads, coming back from the bakery with a baguette under their arm and stopping off at their favourite pizzeria. He dreamt of all those smiles from his pizzas, of the joy he would be able to pass on to them. He knew that this would be his place.

Cui cerca, trova; cui sècuta, vinci.

Sicilian proverb

The city of love welcomed him a few years ago. Determined and motivated, Giovanni never stopped learning until he felt ready to make his boyhood dream come true. Working in the best pizzerias in Paris, immersing himself in the French language and tasting the best products, Giovanni was able to create his own dough recipe and become a pizza expert. Finally, in April 2022, he opened the doors of his first restaurant. This boy turned man has realised his dream, and his place is in front of Marcus Pizze Amore’s pizza oven.

The story of the Marcus, the beginning of an adventure

Marcus is a warm, authentic and intimate place. For the past year, Giovanni has been committed to offering pizzas to suit all tastes: from the most classic to the most original, for omnivores and vegans alike. A true passion of his, our chef shares with you all the flavours of Italy through his products. Highly appreciated by his customers, Marcus is improving day by day. All the more motivated by these positive reviews, Giovanni wants to do more and start dreaming again.

Aller en Sicile vaut mieux que d’aller sur la lune

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This time, he wants to show us the dishes he grew up with. He dreams of spaghetti and farfalle, carbonara and bolognese, all shapes of pasta and all the ingredients that go with them. But above all, he dreams of all his customers enjoying his pasta as much as his pizzas, of his customers having the joy of discovering all the Italian dishes. It was thanks to his unstoppable drive that Marcus met his other half, Martha, a year after he set up the business.

The story of the Martha, sharing our roots

Martha is soft, floral and comforting. With its green tones and fresco depicting the characteristic plants of Sicily, it’s a real journey to the heart of this region that awaits you. Taste is also on the menu, with pasta dishes that are emblematic of Italy. The menu offers a range of flavours to suit all tastes: classic, vegetarian and vegan.

Unni mancianu dui, mancianu tri

Sicilian proverb

Giovanni, still a pizzaiolo at heart, has selected the most popular pizzas with his partner Marcus to go with the pasta at his sweetheart Martha’s house. It’s a new adventure for our Sicilian, who has been dreaming for a long time. Giovanni is opening up his heart to us with this new restaurant, which is more personal and intimate. Come and see for yourself and tell us if this Sicilian can make you smile.